Is your model steam loco getting tired and worn? A full service and repair will rejuvenate your loco.

A routine chassis service would include inspection and replacement where necessary of crank pins, coupling and connecting rods, valve gear components, piston and valve rod O-rings, cylinder gaskets, axles and bearings. Once reassembled, your loco will have its valve gear timing checked and adjusted as required before being put through a thorough test-running programme.

Your loco's boiler may also need attention, and this can include a de-scale of the interior, replacement of seals and joint washers and recalibration of the safety valve. If needed, a boiler pressure testing and certification service is available and provided by a reputable boiler maker.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that accidents can and do happen, and model steam locomotives are not exempt from such accidents. Gravity is their biggest enemy! I take considerable pride in my accidental damage repair service which includes bodywork, paintwork and mechanical repairs as needed, together with any associated quotations required by insurance companies.

I am an Independent Service Engineer for Roundhouse Engineering steam locomotives that require repairs or servicing outside of their warranty period. I have over 25 years of experience with all types of Roundhouse locomotives and carry a comprehensive stock of replacement components.

Locomotives produced by the following manufacturers and builders have also received attention here:

  • Accucraft
  • Archangel
  • Argyle Locomotive Works
  • Cheddar Models
  • David Hick
  • DJB Engineering
  • ELR Engineering
  • Finescale Engineering
  • Hugh Saunders
  • I P Engineering
  • John Prescott
  • John Turner
  • Larry Cheeseman
  • Locobox
  • Locomotion
  • Mac Muckley
  • Maxwell Hemmens
  • Merlin Locomotive Works
  • Mike Chaney
  • Mike Gaskin / Caterham Works
  • Morgan Locomotive Company
  • Paul Millington
  • Pearse Locomotives
  • Peter Angus / Mike Lax
  • PPS Steam Models
  • Regner
  • Riverdale Locomotives
  • Roger Marsh
  • Roundhouse Engineering
  • Sabre Steam
  • Salem Models
  • Shawe Steam Services
  • Steamcraft
  • Steve Acton
  • Swanage Models
  • Swift Sixteen
  • Worsely Works
  • Wrightscale

All locos are welcomed and irrespective of their age or fuel type (meths, gas or coal).

Where possible, all parts used will be brand-new and obtained from the original manufacturer. Some parts that are no longer obtainable can be made in-house.

I also fit radio control equipment and I am an approved fitter of Summerlands chuff pipes.

No job is too small!

This page was last updated on 3rd August 2022